hackbeach is a multi-day event so clearly you will need to find somewhere to stay, keep clean and perform vital bodily functions. Three options are listed below in order of preference. Feel free to discuss your accommodation hacks on the mailing list.


This is the preferred option.

We have a number of tents available to us, which will be provided on a sharing basis. You are free to bring your own tents, mattresses and other camping gear if you prefer to set up your own camp.

Sanitary facilities will be shared by all on the venue.

Stay nearby

If you don’t wish to stay in tents, there are plenty of shacks and rooms available in and around the Gokarna beach. Booking in advance is recommended. Use your favourite search engine or app to find a space that suits your needs and budget.

On-site rooms

We have two on-site rooms available to us which we’ll be using as storage and nap rooms (as tents tend to get really hot during the day).

Please let us know by email if you would like to stay in one of the shared rooms at the venue so we can plan occupancy. Note that your stay in a shared room is not confirmed until we tell you it is. Preference will be given to attendees with particular needs (injury, illness, infants, etc.).

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