Over the years, some questions come up again and again. Here they are, with answers. Of course, if you don’t see your question asked and answered, ask on the mailing list and add it here later.

Should I bring…

…my projects and tools?
Oh yes, you should! Bring your whole project group and take a code retreat or whatever needs to be done — and get fruitful exchanges with the other participants. Please let us know what things you want to bring, so that we can arrange appropriate space for you and your things.
…my camping gear?
There are enough tents, which are available for sharing with your fellow hackers. Nonetheless feel free to bring your gear if you feel like it.
…my family?
You are welcome to bring your husband, kids, wife, parents, cousins, friends, sisters and brothers. Please let us know the details in advance, so we can help to find appropriate accommodation for you and your folks. There are plenty of things to do for all ages and interests.
…a spontaneous session?
Yes. The unconference is all about spontaneous sessions. During the main conference days, priority is given to curated sessions, but you may be able to schedule yourself into unused spaces — also we do often have slots for flashtalks (a bunch of short presentations in a row) where usually there is a slot for your spontanous input.

When and how?

When can I come?
The unconference, school programme and set-up for the main conference all begin on 23rd Nov 2017. We have the venue until 2nd Dec 2017. If you would like to come earlier or stay later, you should make your own arrangements — the venue is free for booking that time, too. Contact the mailing list for pointers.
When is the main conference?
It’s Thursday 30th Nov, to Saturday 2nd Dec 2017.
How do I get there?
See the Travel page for details. In short: Take a Bus/Train to Gokarna or Kumpta, take a local bus to Gokarna beach and auto/walk the rest. By plane come to GOI or BLR and take a bus/train to Gokarna.

Managing expectations

How will be the weather?
It is usually around 35°C during the day and minimum 20°C during the night. It’s usually sunny, with forecasts of occasional cloudy days and even showers, which increase the already high humidity then.
How will be the water?
The tabwater is drinkable. But you might have referred to the sea? It’s shallow and there are no undercurrents and barely any high waves. We give each other swimming lessons and make sure that we always have some good swimmers around for everyones safety.
How will be the Internet?
Bring your own! There is no Internet connection provided by the venue. Many of us are happy to share their mobile network with you and nearby restaurants have some wifi. To not fill up the cell of one carrier too hard please do bring your SIMs from diverse carriers if you have.
What about lodging?
See the Venue page and the Accommodation page for details. In short: Sleep in tents provided.
How will I get food?
We have a kitchen with all utensils where we can cook. There are plenty of restaurants at the beach where you can get fed with ~100 INR and some dhabas at the streets in the back for less money.
I am concerned that I am too young / too old / an introvert / a single female / a single male / a lonely robot / something totally different.
As the hackbeach group of volunteering individuals (which you might be now already a part of!) are giving our best to provide a safe and friendly place for everyone — regardless of origin, birth, age, cast, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other outstanding element. We want to interact with each other truthfully and honestly at all times.
We’ve always been a divers bunch of people from all age ranges and parts of society, and would love to have you adding even more diversity to it! We do provide Ladies-only (and Gents-only) accommodation according to your needs.
My relatives are concerned that this will be way too adventerous!
hackbeach is happening since three years and it’s sister event hillhacks even two years more — so far noone got harmed, besides struggling with a big chunk of fresh ideas and a good pile of new knowledge.
If they are primarily concerned about the travel, shout out on the mailing list. There is a good chance that others will be travelling the same route around the same time you intend to travel and you can peer up!

Sliding scale

This event is solely community driven and run by volunteers. Please see where else you can contribute too! This democratic (or even meritocratic) approach is mirrored on every layer, and so is it for the money bit, too.
Types of financial contribution
We want to provide everyone the opportunity to come, so we kindly ask everyone to give as much as s/he can afford — in other words: “pay as much as you can!”
What does that mean?
We are expected to pay 500 INR/person/day for the venue.
We have four different options for you to contribute:
  • less than 500 INR: please pay a base rate as it suits your (and our) budget, please request beforehand
  • 500 INR: a reasonable amount that just covers the venue costs per person
  • more than 500 INR: help covering additional costs created by e.g. stationary and rental equipment (easiest way is to pay a bills for some items directly)
  • much more than 500 INR: be a supporter and pay more to cover others paying less (ideally tell us beforehand, but also you can do that on site itself)

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