The venue for hackbeach 2017 is Gokarna. This page details the travel to Gokarna. Once you’ve reached Gokarna, see the venue page for more instructions.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Gokarna Road.

From Bangalore

If you are coming from Bangalore : this is one train, if you don’t get a bus. See

From Goa

There are multiple Train options :

Check this for your dates :

Two trains daily at 2am and 2pm, respectively.

  • 12619 - Matsyagandha Express : Everyday at 2:35am from Madgaon. Reaches by 5am.
  • 56641 - Madgaon Mangalore Pass : Seater train - everyday at 2pm. Reaches by 4pm.
  • There are other trains on different days, as well:
    • 11097 - Poorna Express : Departs at 5:20pm on Saturdays. Reaches by 7pm.
    • 12978 - Maru Sagar Exp : Departs at 1:20pm on Fridays. Reaches by 2:45pm.
    • 70105 - Madgaon Mangalore Demu : Departs at 5am everyday, except for Sunday. Reaches by 6:30am.
is a Major railway station in Goa. Its about 35kms from the Goa Airport. You can go to the nearest bus station by taxi, or take a bus to Madgaon.

Important: Just be sure to reach Madgaon Railway Station from GOI (airport) well before night (around 10pm) if you plan to take the bus, since they usually stop running at night.

By Bus

From Goa

Bus Route : Goa - (Madgao) - Karwar - Ankola/Madangeri - Gokarna.

  • Take a bus from Goa (Madgao) to Karwar (frequent buses start from 6am).
  • Take a bus from Karwar that goes to Kumta, and get down at Ankola/Madangeri.
  • Take a local bus from there to Gokarna
  • You can walk/get a cab to Gokarna beach from the Gokarna bus stand

(If you get a Kumta bus from Goa, that’s perfect, you can avoid the second step)

Just keep saying ‘Gokarna’ to the bus conductors and they will hop you in and drop you out from where you will get the next bus to Gokarna. Its an interesting journey to do in the day if you have about 4-6 hours to spare.

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